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Cam-Phone Tuesday – Dalat Railway Station


Dalat Railway Station, originally uploaded by anthonli.

This is another panorama shoot done with my iPhone 3GS.

This is the Dalat Railway Station, a quaint little building that is more a historical exhibition than a working Railway Station. Some parts of the tracks are so overgrown with weeds that it looks disused. However, all the modern equipment strewn on the ticketing desks and a train schedule for last week belies the fact that this place is still very much in operation, just not so frequently as we hope.

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Cam-Phone Tuesday – View from Cable Car Mountain

View from Cable Car Mountain, originally uploaded by anthonli.

Do you know you can do panorama shots on the iPhone 3GS?

It’s the Video Panorama for iPhone app. itunes link

It is pretty cool. Take a short 10 second video and the app converts it into a panorama shot. There’s even a 2/3 rule guide to help you take a straight video.

The colours were enhanced using the HDRforFree app, also on the iPhone. itunes link.   And finally, the photo was uploaded using the Flickr app for iPhone.

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People Monday – Feed Me

Feed Me, originally uploaded by anthonli.

At the end of the elephant performances at the Singapore Zoo, the audience is invited to come up to feed the elephants with the baskets of fruits provided.

This is especially popular with the young children who’d pester their parents to get a basket for them. Many not-so-young “children” are also eager to give the feeding a try.
Most eager of all are the elephants hankering for the treats and rewards after their performances.

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Wildlife Wednesday – Thirsty? Drinking Fountain!

Thirsty? Drinking Fountain!, originally uploaded by anthonli.

It’s not everyday that birds think that you’re not intimidating and act themselves directly in front of you.

But then, these two sparrows could be just desperate for a drink. One would take a sip while the other keeps watch, then they would swap. All the while, I was standing right in front of them, so close that I had to lean back just to grab this shot (that’s about a metre away)!

This was taken at Hibiya Park, Tokyo, right beside the Imperial Palace.

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People Monday – Oh the years gone by

Oh the years gone by, originally uploaded by anthonli.

How many of us can remember the days before computer games?
When interactive gaming means challenging your friends to a game of zero-point.

This group of girls in Hoi An are doing just that. I wonder if schoolgirls in Singapore still play this during recess.

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