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Sunset by the Bay

Sunset by the Bay

I was travelling along the beach with my wife when I noticed this beautiful sunset.
My wife was patient enough to wait for me while I took my time to take enough pictures to piece this image.
Of the images I too, I selected 30 to merge into this HDR Panorama. First, I merged 30 HDR images using Photomatix, and then using Photoshop CS6, manually align and blend the HDR output into this panorama.
It took a long time as I was taking all the pictures handheld and there are problems with misalignment. In addition, the boats were not sitting still due to the waves.

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CamPhone Tuesday – Panoramic shots from Lighthouse Mountain

During the weekend, I went exploring around Vung Tau. And went up the only mountain that I’ve yet to climb. The Vung Tau Lighthouse.
On the way up, I was rewarded with a lovely panorama of the city beneath.
It was an opportunity to try out the 360Pano app that I just recently purchased on my iPhone 3GS. I found that it actually blends better than VideoPano that I recently used and the live blending looks amazing. Also, the ability to blend pictures in portrait mode allows for a panorama with more depth.
The downside is that the pictures are always slanted because the accelerometer in my iPhone is not properly calibrated. This caused me to buy the straightener app to straighten the photo. [sigh]
All in all, it quite a good app to use.

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Cam-Phone Tuesday – Dalat Railway Station


Dalat Railway Station, originally uploaded by anthonli.

This is another panorama shoot done with my iPhone 3GS.

This is the Dalat Railway Station, a quaint little building that is more a historical exhibition than a working Railway Station. Some parts of the tracks are so overgrown with weeds that it looks disused. However, all the modern equipment strewn on the ticketing desks and a train schedule for last week belies the fact that this place is still very much in operation, just not so frequently as we hope.

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Cam-Phone Tuesday – View from Cable Car Mountain

View from Cable Car Mountain, originally uploaded by anthonli.

Do you know you can do panorama shots on the iPhone 3GS?

It’s the Video Panorama for iPhone app. itunes link

It is pretty cool. Take a short 10 second video and the app converts it into a panorama shot. There’s even a 2/3 rule guide to help you take a straight video.

The colours were enhanced using the HDRforFree app, also on the iPhone. itunes link.   And finally, the photo was uploaded using the Flickr app for iPhone.

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