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Water Hyacinth Blooms – Wildlife Wednesday

Water Hyacinth Flowers

Water Hyacinth Flowers


I was up on the Little Mountain (the one with Jesus Christ Statue) on Christ the King Sunday when I noticed that in a quiet little corner, was 2 small circular basins choked full of water hyacinths and the flowers were in bloom.  The flowers sure lit up my Sunday!

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Wildlife Wednesday – “Bee”ing at the Sugarcane Stall

One of the important lessons you learn about photography is about limits. What are your limits and those of your equipment.
Generally, I know that my iPhone 3GS is poorly suited to taking macro and general wildlife photography. But that doesn’t stop me from using it to take this bee that landed on my table while I was having my glass of sugarcane.
The resulting picture is quite decent, so I guess the next thing you learn in photography is how to live with and work around those limitations.

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Wildlife Wednesday – BMT Dak Lak Wild Boar fight

BMT Dak Lak Wild Boar fight, originally uploaded by anthonli.

More photos from my trip to Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak Province, Central Highlands.
I was pondering if I should blog more about that butterfly that I snapped at Lang Ca Phe, when I realised that I do have other wildlife shots in my travels
When we were in Buon Don (Don Village), we encountered a few wild boars and their young. I’m not entirely sure that they are wild as they are mingling freely with the livestock of the local people. These could be domesticated.
Most of the time, however, they graze in the mud, while the cows stay on the grass. Here are 2 of the porkers fighting when one strayed too close her patch of the mud.

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Monochrome Friday – Flower

Animals and Wildlife, originally uploaded by anthonli.

I may have posted this flower previously, I can’t remember, but this flower has been in my collection for quite a while.
For today, no new photo, but a new rendition of an old photo.
I created this using Photoshop Elements. It does a decent job of bringing out the details needed in a black white image, but it’s not as powerful as Photoshop CS, which is like ten times more expensive.. You get what you pay for, I guess.

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Wildlife Wednesday – After the Rain

After the Rain.jpg

After the Rain, originally uploaded by anthonli.

After a recent rain, the fungi starts popping out.

These shrooms grow amazingly fast, wilting before the day was out.

I’d take out the little mushrooms and the blade of grass in the foreground, but this is the best framing I can do given the location.

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