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Sunset by the Bay

Sunset by the Bay

I was travelling along the beach with my wife when I noticed this beautiful sunset.
My wife was patient enough to wait for me while I took my time to take enough pictures to piece this image.
Of the images I too, I selected 30 to merge into this HDR Panorama. First, I merged 30 HDR images using Photomatix, and then using Photoshop CS6, manually align and blend the HDR output into this panorama.
It took a long time as I was taking all the pictures handheld and there are problems with misalignment. In addition, the boats were not sitting still due to the waves.

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HDR Sunday – Bat Nha Monastry (Tu Vien Bat Nha)

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted here!
I passed by a monastery when I was in Bao Loc and took the opportunity to enter to find some photo opportunities. The nuns were very kind to let me wander around the front court.
This picture in the garden was one of the few pictures I shot. I didn’t explore too many as my taxi was waiting for me.

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HDR Sunday – Hoi An Teochew Ancestral Hall

Hoi An Teochew Ancestral Hall, originally uploaded by anthonli.

After a 2 week absence, I’m finally back. In the past 2 weeks, I was in the midst of moving to a new house (still within Vung Tau). Between the packing and unpacking, there was a trip back to Singapore for a friend’s wedding, and a period of no Internet connection while getting my new house ready for habitation. There was also a period of scare when my hard disk which stores my photos almost konked out on me, luckily, I managed to get all my photos.
On to today’s image. This was taken in Hoi An, during my not-so-recent trip there, belonging to the Teochews. One of the many Dialect Association buildings founded there.

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HDR Sunday – Wine Grapes at Swan Valley

Perth, WA 2011, originally uploaded by anthonli.

I’m moving away from the highly stylistic form of HDR photo rendering that so comes to define HDR Photography.
I’m not particularly against that style as many HDR photographers have come up with amazingly stunning HDR shots that looks surreal, but personally, I prefer my photos to be more realistic.
Occasionally, I regress, like this photo, which is more stylistic and surreal than realistic. However, I was reluctant to change the effect as any changes I made seems to destroy the 3 dimension-ness of the picture. It may be how the grapes stand out from the background both in terms of colour and it’s clarity, compared to the drab and slightly distorted leaves

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Travel Thursday – Saigon Hop Hoa Xuan

Vietnam – Saigon Hop Hoa Xuan, originally uploaded by anthonli.

It’s still Lunar New Year season.
This year, according to the Chinese Calendar, it’s the year of the Rabbit. But according to the Vietnamese Calendar, it’s the year of the Cat. I don’t know why there’s a difference as the other 11 zodiac animals are essentially the same (the year of the Ox is known as the year of the Buffalo in Vietnam, but that doesn’t really count).
I did not explain what is Hop Hoa Xuan in my previous post., but it translates to Spring Flower Festival (due to Vietnamese grammar, literal translation will read the other way round, i.e. Festival Flower Spring)
So, here’s a picture of one of the many cat decorations around the city to welcome the year of the Cat! Chuc Mung Nam Moi (Happy New Year)

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