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Going Home – People Monday

This is a picture I took earlier this year.  I was riding pillion on a motorcycle across a small bridge (a small car’s width) in the Mekong Delta when I took this picture.  We were crossing one of the many small rivers in Dong Thap Province, and in the background, stood zinc houses on stilts, which is typical of many of the poorer western provinces.

This boy was riding on a bicycle in the opposite direction.  I titled this going home even though I wasn’t sure that was his direction, still looking at the picture, it seems appropriate.

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Travel Thursday – The Toilet

The Toilet, originally uploaded by anthonli.

A few weeks ago, I promised that I’ll post a picture of the toilet in rural Mekong Delta.
Here it is, a rickety old thing that looks like it’ll break apart and literally land you in $#!T.
To give a sense of perspective, if you squat in it, the side boards will come up to your armpits, so not much privacy there.

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Cam Phone Tuesday – the Shower

Another toilet, originally uploaded by anthonli.

In the rural, poorer parts of Vietnam, and even many developing countries, taking a shower can be an adventure for city dwellers.
Sitting at the edge of the padi field, just outside the house, this shower is just a small hut covered with thatch, with a piece of cut out bag to serve as a door.
To the villagers, it’s a way of life, to many of you reading this…
Look out for the picture of the toilet that I’ll be posting soon.

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Wildlife Wednesday – Rice Padi

Living in Dong Thap, originally uploaded by anthonli.

Another picture of the padi.

In case you’re wondering how I got the stalk in the foreground to be so sharp? I cheated. I plucked that stalked and held it in front of my camera. If you look at it hard enough, you’ll realise that the angle is not quite right.

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People Monday – Waiting

Living in Dong Thap, originally uploaded by anthonli.

An elderly woman resting by the side as she waits for her husband who is out tending the rice field.

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