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I was up on the Little Mountain here in Vung Tau again to take pictures and I was very lucky to get two butterflies in a single shot on my way down. There were actually 3 of them, flitting about the bush looking for choice branches to lay eggs.

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Wildlife Wednesday – BMT Butterfly at Lang Ca Phe

BMT Butterfly at Lang Ca Phe, originally uploaded by anthonli.

I was chasing around this butterfly. Well, I was standing near the bush that it was flitting around, when I caught this shot of it coming to land on the flowers. I never stayed longer than a fraction of a second at any spot. It was really a lucky shot and I was amazed that it’s so sharp!

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Wildlife Wednesday – Butterfly Gardens

Vietnam – Saigon Hoi Hoa Xuan, originally uploaded by anthonli.

At the Flower Festival in Saigon, there is an enclosure erected for butterfly displays. It is the saddest display I see at the festival. All the butterflies were dehydrated and most were mutilated, with missing legs and broken wings. In the middle of the day, one staff actually went in to pick up all the dead moths and butterflies and jot in his catalog. Probably so that they can replace it later in the day.
So much so that I did not feel like taking a picture inside that enclosure.
Instead, I spend my time chasing the bees and butterflies flitting around out in the open. Like this critter here, taking a rest on a flower bud.

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Wildlife Wednesday – Butterfly

Butterfly, originally uploaded by anthonli.

I went to Giang Dien Park in Dong Nai province over the weekend. link here

Here there are many flowers and as expected, lots of butterflies.
By placing myself near a flower and waiting, I managed to snatch a picture of this butterfly daintily sipping nectar here.

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