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Wildlife Wednesday – Baby Scorpion

Baby Scorpion-2.jpg
When your food comes pesticide free, you get all sorts of amazing critters. Like this baby scorpion that came with the fruits that I bought.

This baby scorpion was no bigger than my fingernail, so this close-up was taken with the 105mm Micro-Nikkor with 4x diopter. Here you can see the details, the eyes, mandibles and the floral pattern on the exoskeleton (when viewed with naked eye, the scorpion is totally black)

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Wildlife Wednesday – Taking Flight

Taking flight.jpg

Taking Flight, originally uploaded by anthonli.

I usually don’t like to crop the pictures that I take, preferring to get the composition right during the shot itself.

But then again there’s this. A bunch of sparrows frolicking among the flowers in the early morning. They’ll never let me get up close for a properly framed shot, so I can only shoot from the far edge of the flowers plot and crop post processing.

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Wildlife Wednesday – Hopper on Morning Glory

Hopper on Morning Glory, originally uploaded by anthonli.

I love my 105mm micro nikkor. This picture tells why.

The background to this picture was a mess of tangled branches and leaves, but the bokeh of the lense took care of it all. It was a simple tweak of curves and saturation and voila! Beautiful colours and amazing detail.

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Singapore Airshow 2010 – Bird of Metal, Birds of Flesh

Birds of Flesh, Bird of Metal, originally uploaded by anthonli.

Two sparrows frolicking on the tail on a private jet, oblivious to the metal giants around them.

Ever wondered what they are chattering about? They are boasting about how they can fly circles around these giant metal brethren, that these giants can never match their agility in flight.
Oops.. that’s the birder in me talking.

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Wildlife Wednesday – Mating Moths

Mating Moths, originally uploaded by anthonli.

This was another case of better a picture than none at all.

It was one of those crazy days that I leave office for home at 2am. Just at the void deck, I passed by some fluttering. My curiosity finally overcame my tiredness and I turned back to get a better look.

Lo and behold! A couple of amorous moths mating! I’d have gladly preferred my 105mm macro lense with a ring flash, but I only had my LX3 with me (ye, I got it back!). So I used just what I had.

I was tough taking a picture of them in the dark with just the built in flash as most of the time I only know their general position and not the exact spot. After taking a few pictures of leaves and their shadows, I finally snagged this shot.

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