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Going Home – People Monday

This is a picture I took earlier this year.  I was riding pillion on a motorcycle across a small bridge (a small car’s width) in the Mekong Delta when I took this picture.  We were crossing one of the many small rivers in Dong Thap Province, and in the background, stood zinc houses on stilts, which is typical of many of the poorer western provinces.

This boy was riding on a bicycle in the opposite direction.  I titled this going home even though I wasn’t sure that was his direction, still looking at the picture, it seems appropriate.

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Couple’s Pre-Wedding – People Monday

Couple posing for pre-wedding shoot

This was taken some months back while I was around HCMC on my way to some meeting.

I noticed a couple posing for their pre-wedding shoot and took a pot shot of my own.


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Lunchtime – People Monday

A man enjoying his tin lunchbox by the roadside with the Notre Dame Cathedral (Nha Tho Duc Ba) behind in HCMC, Vietnam.


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Circus somersaults – People Monday

As I mentioned last week, I’m posting the gymnast performance.

Circus gymnasts performing heart-stopping somersaults between the temporary poles they set up on the stage.  This is the most exciting performance and at the end of the show, the audience called for an encore jump.

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Circus comes to town! – People Monday


Last weekend, the circus was in town!  This is my first ever visit to the circus!  A pity that my 70-200mm lens is at Nikon Service Centre for repairs.

There are quite a lot of performances during the circus, lasting a good 2 hours.  The stage was set too high and some of the performances looked amateurish. The gymnastics performances were, however, very good.  Will post a picture of that later.  Generally the animal performances were very popular with the kids.

Here, the circus strongman is swallowing a python/boa constrictor in front of an eager audience of young kids.  They watched it with a mixture of fear and curiosity.  At one point during the performance, when the performer left the snake unattended on the stage, it started slithering out towards the audience, causing screams of panic.  One kid was so terrified that he froze and wailed before his parents came to carry him away.

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