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Saigon Opera House – HDR Sunday

Saigon Opera House

Saigon Opera House

I was at a meeting in Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday.  I arrived at the place an hour early, so decided to wander around.

The road was clear when I was crossing the road near the Opera House, so I stopped to take a shot.

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Christ the King – HDR Sunday

Today I brought some colleagues from Singapore around Vung Tau City.  Of course, we can’t miss the highlight of the place, the Jesus Christ Statue, largest of its kind in Asia.

Also, today is Christ the King, according to the Roman Catholic Calendar, so there was a huge crowd of pilgrims climbing up and down the mountain.

Here’s the shot I took today with the many coloured flags and the banner proclaiming “Lord Jesus Christ King” (direct translation of the large text)

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Lakeside Houses – HDR Sunday


In July, I went to Sapa and at that time, there was a typhoon in the area.  The morning that the typhoon hit, I went to the lake in the town for photo-taking.  The rain was starting to fall, thus all the ripples on the lake surface.

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Ho Xuan Huong – HDR Sunday

Ho Xuan Huong, or the Lake of Spring Fragrance, in Da Lat City. This is situated in the city centre and is a popular place for couples, who would ride out onto the lake on the swan pedal-boats.

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Sunset at Bao Loc – HDR Sunday


This picture was taken earlier this year on my trip to Dalat in Lam Dong Province, also known as the Central Highlands in Vietnam.

Along the way, I stopped over at Bao Loc, which is the provincial town  (In Vietnam, every province has a provincial capital and a provincial town, which for Lam Dong is Dalat and Bao Loc respectively).  I was very lucky to be greeted by this beautiful sunset over the town church.

Today’s G+ post features a different picture, something which I said I was planning to do.  Do hop over to check it out by clicking here.

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