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Giant Torii gate at Hakone, Japan

Giant Torii gate at Hakone, Japan

Taken in Dec 2008 during my trip to Japan. I went up to Hakone alone and was lucky to be greeted by clear weather.

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Saigon Centre at Night

Saigon Centre at Night

Saigon Centre on Le Loi Boulevard in HCMC lights up at night.

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Reflections of HCMC

HCMC People’s Committee Building

Here is a picture of the HCMC People’s Committee with its reflection off the polished floor tiles of Vincom Shopping Centre across Ton Duc Thang Street in Saigon, Vietnam.

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Celebrating Spring

Flowers in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in HCMC

It’s the Lunar New Year, or Tet, as it’s known in Vietnam.

I’m back in Singapore this week to celebrate with my family, but here’s a picture taken recently from HCMC of flowers adorning the front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in preparations to celebrate the Spring festival.

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Sunset by the Bay

Sunset by the Bay

I was travelling along the beach with my wife when I noticed this beautiful sunset.
My wife was patient enough to wait for me while I took my time to take enough pictures to piece this image.
Of the images I too, I selected 30 to merge into this HDR Panorama. First, I merged 30 HDR images using Photomatix, and then using Photoshop CS6, manually align and blend the HDR output into this panorama.
It took a long time as I was taking all the pictures handheld and there are problems with misalignment. In addition, the boats were not sitting still due to the waves.

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