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I was up on the Little Mountain here in Vung Tau again to take pictures and I was very lucky to get two butterflies in a single shot on my way down. There were actually 3 of them, flitting about the bush looking for choice branches to lay eggs.

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Beetle on flower macro

Beetle on Flower

I took this picture of a beetle and flower on one of my many climbs up the Little Mountain in Vung Tau (the one with the Jesus Christ statue).  I’m planning to climb it at least once a month, graduating to every weekend as part of keeping fit.

This is actually a stacked image, where I took two pictures, one with the beetle in focus and another with the flower in focus and stacked them together in Photoshop.  I’m lucky that the beetle is cooperative and stayed in place throughout the shoot.  At close to 1:1 magnification, the depth of field is quite small.

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Cocoa Flower and Fruit

Cocoa Flower and Fruit

A late Happy New Year to everyone.  I’m back posting my first picture of the year.

I spent the new year weekend at my wife’s hometown in Ben Tre Province (the provincial capital is also of the same name).  I have the chance to visit her niece’s cocoa plantation.  It was a good day to take pictures of the things at the farm.

Here is a picture of the cocoa flower with a bud and a juvenile fruit in the background.

All-in-all, as my camera broke down shortly after my farm trip, and the place I was had no internet connection, I had a lazy and restful long weekend, before plunging back to the usual hectic finance year-end schedule.

You may have noticed changes to my photographic themes this year.  I’ve had the previous set of themes for 2 years, it has served its purpose of forcing me to develop the skills and styles that I’m interested in.  This year, instead of restricting myself to theme-days, I’m taking a looser, more laid back schedule.  This is a reflection of greater demands for my time for other matters (for one, I want to start developing my Excel blog again), but I’ll still be posting here, as photography is and still remains a part of my life: the part that makes me slow down and enjoy life.

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