School at Dinh Trang Nhi – Monochrome Friday

Elementary/Primary School

Some time earlier this year, imperfection from, who grew up in Vung Tau in her childhood, requested me to take a picture of her school if I’m ever nearby.  I did pass by the area a few times, but for once, I did manage to explore the area further.  The entrance to this school is facing a narrow alleyway, so I’m not sure if it is the same school that Imperfection went to (based on Google Maps, it seems to be the only school here).

If it isn’t, then I’ll have to try harder next time.

When I was there, a group of children and their teacher were having a rehearsal of some sorts, while some girls were playing some rope game on the grounds.

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2 thoughts on “School at Dinh Trang Nhi – Monochrome Friday

  1. Thank you! Next time take the photo of the school gate. I will say the name of the school there. 😀

    Thank you thank you. You’ve made my day!

    • I’ll take a picture of the name next time.
      There were a few parents waiting at the gate, so I took it from there, while standing among them.
      This is one of a few similar shots I took that day. I’ll take more when I’m back there again. There’s a stall selling Bún Bò Huế nearby that I like. 🙂

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