Camphone Tuesday – Pakhar

Typhoon No.01 lands in Vung Tau, originally uploaded by anthonli.

On April Fool’s Day, Nature played one of her tricks. She sent Typhoon Pakhar to Vung Tau.
Pakhar is a force 8 typhoon with shock winds of up to speed 10, and she’s one of the few typhoons to hit Vung Tau, as most of them will land further north.
Here’s the picture from out of my apartment window taken with my iPhone 4S.

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4 thoughts on “Camphone Tuesday – Pakhar

  1. I grew up in Vũng Tàu, all my life, all my childhood memories…are left there. It’s been 22 years since then.

    If you go to Đình Thắng Nhì, take the road Trần Phú to Trần Xuân Độ, that’s where I grew up. There are a lot more Buddhist temples in this area. And if you are kind enough, please take some photos of the elementary school where I went as a child. It’s right on Trần Phú, just pass the intersection of Trần Phú là Lê Lợi. There is also a wet market right at that corner.

    Thanks for the photos capturing places I remember and those I barely know.

    • Hi msnguyen,

      I do go frequently to Dinh Thang Nhi. Not really to enter but more to eat the delicious bun bo at the wet market you mentioned. When I’m there next, I’ll see how I can take pictures of your school and feature it on my blog.

  2. that would be an awesome treat! Thank you so much. I always want to see how that place has changed since I left 22 years ago.

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