Monochrome Friday – A Jurassic Meal

A Jurassic Meal, originally uploaded by anthonli.

If it’s alive, I’d put it on Wildlife Wednesday. However, since it ended up on a dinner plate, it can’t qualify.
Yes, what you see here is a horseshoe crab on a barbecue grill. I asked the stallowner on whether it’s wild-caught and she said that these are farmed crabs.
Under the shell is nothing but eggs, like in crabs, and there’s very little meat in it. Also, there’s a strong odour coming out of the cooking, so I’m not sure why people want to eat this.
What I really want is to find out where the farm is, and go there to take pictures. Anyone out there who can help?
A quick titbit, do you know, that a horseshoe crab is more closely related to a scorpion than a crab?

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5 thoughts on “Monochrome Friday – A Jurassic Meal

  1. So you didn’t eat it I’m guessing? Nice pic.

    • I had to buy one in order for them to allow me to take pictures. The price did further proof that these are farmed, each costing only USD1.20. So yes, I did eat 1, but I wasn’t impressed. Maybe it’s an acquired taste.

  2. Indeed. While horseshoe crabs, scorpions, and crabs are all in the phylum Arthropoda, horseshoe crabs and scorpions are in the same subphylum (Chelicerata); crabs are in Crustacea. Also, horseshoe crabs are some of the most ancient creatures on earth, having evolved very little in the last 250 million years (as opposed to, say, horses, which have evolved from a tiny creature with several toes to the powerful hoofed animal they are today).

    Yep, I’m a biology nerd…

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