Travel Thursday – Lake Cave


Perth & WA: Lake Cave, originally uploaded by anthonli.

My photos are taking an extended break from Vietnam, and what to do, I have some 200 selected photos from my trip to Perth.
Here is the beautiful Lake Cave at Margaret River, WA.
On the right is one of the only 2 known suspended tables in the world, and the only one that is available for public viewing. A suspended table is when a stalagmite meets a stalactite, and the resulting column supports a piece of the cave floor even after the rest had been eroded away. The column is currently supporting a table that is 5 ton in weight. This shows the impressive strength of limestone and really highlights how amazing our world is.

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3 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Lake Cave

  1. Fabulous image!

  2. Sukanya Ramanujan

    Love the photo and the lighting- excellent composition!

  3. Thanks iltana and Sukanya!
    Glad you like my photo. I have a few more of those on my Flickr photostream that you can see if you click through

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