BMT Buon Don Elephant Ride

BMT Buon Don Elephant Ride, originally uploaded by anthonli.

There’s a joke by local Dak Lak people that elephants are the main mode of transport in Dak Lak Province and that they would take elephant rides to school when they are young. The Ho Chi Minh City folks would eat up the stories like clotted cream.
However, the reality is that elephants in Dak Lak are threatened by both habitat loss as well as by exploitations by locals for tourism.
Here I am fueling the use of elephants by going on one of the rides along the river on the back of an elephant. Here, the 2 elephants are descending a steep decline into a rapid stretch of the river.

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3 thoughts on “BMT Buon Don Elephant Ride

  1. I like it. Well composed and probably not an easy shot to get from the back of a moving elephant!

    • Thanks!
      Indeed it wasn’t easy. It was one of my tricks of just rattling off shots blind, while clinging on for dear life to the wooden frame around me as the elephant descend the ravine.

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