CamPhone Tuesday – A dinner of steamed octopus

A dinner of steamed octopus, originally uploaded by anthonli.

Last night, some Operations staff invited us to an octopus dinner in Ba Ria town. At first I was very intrigued when they said there’s live octopuses at the restaurant, and followed them down a dark alleyway into what looks like a secret garden.
You enter the restaurant via the kitchen and to the left, there are tanks housing various live seafood, most notable, which my Ops colleagues pointed out were the 2 giant concrete tanks housing the live octopuses.
The dining area is a floating platform in the middle of a pond, connected by a dingy bridge. The dish is as you can see in the picture, whole octopuses steamed. To me, it doesn’t look very appealing, I doused it with lots of condiments and spent a hard time chewing on its rubbery meat. Not to mention, when you bite on the body, a bit of the ink will squirt into your mouth.
For the bigger octopus, I only managed to eat the tentacles, but for the baby octopus, I stuffed the whole thing into my mouth and spent the next 10 minutes chewing.
The next dish was, you guessed it, grilled octopus. It’s just like grilled calamari, just that it’s eaten whole.

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