People Monday – Taking a shot

Taking a shot, originally uploaded by anthonli.

This photo can probably go onto tomorrow’s post as it was taken with my iPhone 3GS. I’m beginning to use it a lot more than my Lumix LX3 or even my DSLR.
This is possibly the best of my 4 attempts that night. There are severe limitations to the camera on the iPhone in situations like this. The automatic high ISO used and despite that, the long shutter speed.
But this shot combined a few precious lessons of photography:
1 – Use whatever comes on hand to stabilise the camera (the snooker table rim)
2 – Sometimes you just have to be rude (by putting your camera on the table when someone is playing)
3 – A grainy shot due to high ISO is better than not taking a shot and missing the opportunity.

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2 thoughts on “People Monday – Taking a shot

  1. I completely agree with No. 3. Of course, I shoot film, so grain is sometimes a plus. 🙂

    • Yes, grain sometimes give texture and character to the picture.
      But grain doesn’t seem to work for a lot of my photos. +_+

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