Travel Thursday – Tan Dinh Church


DSC_2835.jpg, originally uploaded by anthonli.

The Tan Dinh Church is the oldest church built in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s smaller than the more famous Notre Dame Church which is downtown and it’s located in Districk 3, about a 20-minute walk from Notre Dame Church.

This church is wonderfully restored and painted striking red, so that you can’t miss it for miles.

It’s quite difficult to get a good picture of this building because of its size and the surrounding trees. Here I climbed to the top of the nearby parish building and used my fisheye lense to get this effect. I like this effect because it gives you the feeling that you’re looking into a world from a bubble, and given that it’s a fisheye, all the lines here are straight. ^^

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3 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Tan Dinh Church

  1. It’s just a beautiful picture; I really like that round effect.

  2. It’s a great shot! I love the color! So vivid! Great job.

  3. The church repainted around 2 yrs ago (the previous colour was yellow).

    Anyway, nice shot buddy, much better if you went down, chopped down all the trees and went back there to take another shot LOL

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