Crabs of Christmas Island

When people think of Christmas Island, the first thing to mind is the red crab migtration.  Well, I’m not here during the migration season (mid Oct to end Jan), but I’ll share what I know about the crabs here:

Starting with the most popular red crabs (what else?).  They also occupy the lowest rung of the crab chain (almost everything else feeds on them)
They feed mainlyon  dead leaves, but won’t hesitate to gobble anything they can lay their claws on, even baby red crabs!

They are land crabs, but love moisture, so they’ll congregate at the dales, or where there is water

Next up, the Blue Crabs, found only on Christmas island in this colour:

ike the red crabs, they live in mud holes, but they do not migrate to the sea to spawn.  They are occasionally spotted picking the passing red crabs for lunch.

The big granddaddies of the island are Robber Crabs.

Their favourite food is the fruit and pith of the native Christmas Island Palms, but they’ll eat anything and everything

Watch out for my post on birds! I’ll do it after I return to Singapore tomorrow.

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