Christmas Island Territory Day Park: Forest Treking 101


spent the 1st half of the day treking around Territory Day Park, so would share with you guys some tips to treking in the forest.

1. Dress appropriately  and comfortably, boots and jeans’ definite must.  Do not carry more than what you can comfortably (practice climbing stairs first)

2. Watch out for dead trees!  Stay away if you see one, especially if there’s sawdust near the roots (sign of termites!).  You don’t want them falling on you.

3.  Stick to the trail (you don’t want to get lost).  Also watch where you put your feet, the “holes” in the ground are crab-holes.. Don’t crush them!
The trail is marked by red arrows or white cement painted stones:
red arrow on tree

Whie painted stones

Or simply stay on the board-walk

4. If the going gets too tough, turn back.  No-ones gonna call you a coward.  This image is taken looking straight down the cliff (the white checkered stones are the steps to bring you down).  Remember Safety First!

5. To quote from the movie “Peaceful Warrior“: “There’s never nothing going on.”  This is especially true of the forest.  Just keep your eyes and ears open:

Spider with its breakfast:

Curious Thrush:

White-eye taking flight

the ever-present red crabs

New baby:

The Territory Day Park is a 30-45 min trail connecting Drumsite on top of the cliff and Smith’s Point at the bottom.  The trip down took me 2-3 hours, but that’s cos I stopped at every chirp and rustle.  Going up took me 20-30 mins but I was panting from the exercise.

More pictures from my gallery here.

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