Christmas Island: Day 2 Morning

Continuing my trip around the habited areas:

The roundabout (updates to the latest going ons are posted on the chalkboards around)

Also, at the roundabout, signs that show which roads are closed (this is not yet the crab migrating season, so all roads are open

My morning walk took me to the Malay Kampong

and more old HDB flats:

At the Kampong, this inquisitive cat pounced on me.  There are many tame and feral cats on the island, and like many introduced species, they threatens the existing wildlife.  Cats in this case prey on nesting birds and in some nesting grounds, the mortality rate of newly hatched chicks is 100% (no survivors!)

This track lies between the only traffic lights on the island (wide enough for only 1 vehicle, this allows for 2 way traffic without the need for unnecessary reversing).  This track was constructed off the cliff-face after WWII

View from the track:

At the end of the track, you’ll see Smith’s Point, the WWII artillery gun that defended the island

and the Tai Jin (Big Boss’) House

There are more pictures at my gallery here.

Will update more when I can.. the birds and the erm.. spiders 😛


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